Slushies are always in season!

Hey Pearls!

So, you ask...what exactly is a

Pink Pearl Naturals  "Slushie"



This has to be the number one question I get asked.

Pink Pearl Naturals offers a variety:

Lip Slushies come in several awesome and delicious (yes, delicious) flavors. We currently offer three Face Slushies that are out of this world! Our most popular and number one selling Face Slushie is our Signature Coffee Face. Definitely a Pearl Fave! Also, our Body Slushies can double as a Bath Soak. Every now and then we drop a Surprise Limited Edition Body Slushie!

I remember being a little girl growing up in Brooklyn, NY and visiting my family in the "suburbs," they always had 7Eleven stores; we did not have them in BK and the corner store was not buying Slurpee machines lol.

I would watch the machines going and would be mesmerized just staring at them. As a child I had all types of fun ideas of mischief however, my parents were most definitely Dream Killers, so the mess that I envisioned would never be a realistic possibility. Even more so in public.

So, those dreams simply stayed put to avoid me getting my butt beat. All truth you can laugh at now because I most certainly am laughing as I type this. (lol)

Now, as an adult, here comes Pink Pearl Naturals in all of it's beauty and excellence; those fun filled ideas from my childhood begin to resurface. 

Just because we operate in excellence and the brand is really pretty and clean, does not mean that we cannot have fun and get a little messy while using the products.

But..getting back to the answer, a Pink Pearl Naturals "Slushie" is our exfoliate or what everyone else calls their "scrubs". 

I chose this name so I would finally be able to enjoy the awesome, fun, messy ideas that I had as a child. Only now there is a true purpose in the mess. The end result is you experiencing your skin like never before. Our "Slushies" will leave your skin softer than ever and they will not strip you of your natural and necessary moisture. They actually replenish it giving you smooth, moisturized, glowing skin. 

What Pearl ever says "eh, I don't want soft, smooth, glowing skin"?

Not one ever! 

As  all other products I make, the "Slushies" are non water based and have not one chemical or preservative in them so no worries you get to thoroughly enjoy the full experience without regret. 

Now, that you know what a "Slushie" form Pink Pearl Naturals is, it's time to find your favorites, yes plural because there is no way it will only be just one, once you try them. 

My thanks to every Pearl that reads the "Slushie" Blog:

15% Off Every Slushie purchase. 








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