About Us

Pink Pearl Naturals offers Luxuriously Handcrafted Bath and Body Treats. Each of our products are made with the best, all natural, organic, wild harvested, responsibly sourced raw ingredients we can find. This allows us to offer you, our Pearls (customers) the best quality product possible.  Combined with Perfect Pearl Service (customer service) keeping true to our Motto: EXCELLENCE is the Only Option, in Service & Quality. With our Special touch of Feminine Elegance.

Pink Pearl Naturals offers a few Signature items that should become a staple to every Pearls daily beauty and skincare routine. Our Slushies are second to none, all of our exfoliating products are called "Slushies" not scrubs!

We choose to call each of you *Pearls* instead of customers, and we give each of you our Pearl Promise of Perfect Pearl Service with each experience, guaranteed! 

*Pink Pearl Naturals offers Vegan as well as Non Vegan formulas.

*We are 100% Cruelty Free. 

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