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Pink Pearl Naturals offers Luxuriously Handcrafted Bath and Body Treats. Each of our products are made with the best, all natural, organic, wild harvested, responsibly sourced raw ingredients we can find. This allows us to offer you, our Pearls (customers) the best quality product possible.  Combined with Perfect Pearl Service (customer service) keeping true to our Motto: EXCELLENCE is the Only Option, in Service & Quality. With our Special touch of Feminine Elegance.

Pink Pearl Naturals offers a few Signature items that should become a staple to every Pearls daily beauty and skincare routine. Our Slushies are second to none, all of our exfoliating products are called "Slushies" not scrubs!

We choose to call each of you *Pearls* instead of customers, and we give each of you our Pearl Promise of Perfect Pearl Service with each experience, guaranteed! 

The majority of Pink Pearl Naturals products are Vegan friendly, and we are 100% Cruelty Free. 

We love to hear from you. 

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Aiesha Nicole Phillips - Owner & CEO of Pink Pearl Naturals

A Pearl: admired for its exceptional inner strength and resilience; coveted for it's unique beauty.  

This Brooklyn born Pearl, is a Woman of God, a Mother, an Entrepreneur, an Author, Speaker, *Certified Life Coach, a Legacy Builder and a Resilient Overcomer. 

Aiesha is beyond passionate about everyone and everything she loves or believes in. 

She is also a living example, walking in the promise of:

Haggai 2:9 

The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former...

My desire is for every woman to discover that she too is A Pearl!

"I absolutely LOVE Pink Pearl Naturals especially Mango Oil. It makes my skin feel so soft. I also use it on my hair!! Pink Pearl Naturals is the BOMB!"

- Danica M., California

The quality for the amount that you pay is incomparable to most overpriced store bought brands. It's always a great feeling being able to receive your money's worth and to support a well deserving entrepreneur. I give it 5 STARS!!!!! 

- Shanda B, NJ

"I have seen this woman grow from what I thought was phenomenal and resilient to this amazing mogul! Can't even describe how proud I am to be a apart of the pearl movement." #IamAPearl

- Sabryia Reese, CEO of Image Matters

"My favorite are the bath bombs. They're so soothing and helps me relax. I wish they came smaller so they would last longer *hint*. I recently tried the mango oil which I mixed with my butter and I love it!"

- My Secret Treasures Boutique, NYC

 After using Pink Pearl Naturals Lip Slushies, my lips feel divine. I apply the lip slushies before I apply my matte lipstick and after. Not only do my lips feel good, they look and smell good...and taste good too!

- Dana K, Brooklyn NY

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Pink Pearl Naturals is one of the #StartSomethingChallenge Winners of 2017. Click below to view the commercial that took us to the top!


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